飛行機からのVR180動画 - [VR180] The world seen from the perspective of a 10,000 meter tall god


世界をミニチュアのように見せるGiant's eyeシリーズ。今回は、飛行機の窓からInsta360 GO 2で動画を撮影し、編集で左目と右目に投影するタイミングをずらして視差を作り出している。この動画では、再生速度を3倍にし、タイミングを1秒ずらしているため、視差は約750mとなっている。巨人の目というより、神の目と呼んだ方が適切かもしれない。



This is the Giant's eye series that make the world look like miniatures. This time, the parallax is created by taking video with the Insta360 GO 2 from an airplane window and shifting the timing of the video projected to the left eye and right eye in editing. In this video, the playback speed is tripled and the timing is shifted by 1 second, resulting in a parallax of approximately 750 m. Perhaps it is more appropriate to call it God's Eye rather than Giant's eye.

What surprised me when I saw the video was the three-dimensional effect of the clouds, and it was impressive to see the fuzzy clouds so close that I could almost reach them. I thought it was a good experience, even though I made the video myself.


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